Audio & Visual Tributes

We want to help you remember your loved one in a way that is as unique as they are, that’s why we offer a range of audio and visual tributes. You can incorporate these throughout the service to provide a seamless, professional and poignant tribute. All services include:


With our PA music system we can access any commercially available music or music you provide to play during the service.
Most services have around three pieces of music, one for entering, one during and one for exiting.

Visual Tributes

We can create bespoke tributes using photos you provide us. We can play slideshows of photos, create montages or play videos to help you reflect and remember your loved one just the way they were.

Service Recording

For family members who can't attend the service or for yourself to watch again at a later date we can provide live stream or recording services.

We also welcome you to create your own unique tributes to your loved one! This could include a live band, photography taking place during the service, bringing animals or a dance troop. The options are endless in making the service as unique and personal as your loved one!